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I am writing a book on the history of the concept of technology, and using this blog to work out my ideas.  Unlike my friend who is writing on the history of sex toys, when I tell people about my project at parties they usually excuse themselves and head for the toilet.  But this story turns about to be a lot more interesting than you might think.  Everyone knows that technology is a ubiquitous concept of our late-modern age, but the term is also vague and poorly understood.  In fact, scholars know surprisingly little about the history of this concept.  My book is intended to fill this gap.  In doing so, I will also challenge the way the term gets used to obscure the role of conscious human choice in shaping our material culture.


One thought on “About this blog

  1. That’s kind of funny, professor. Reminds me of when I worked teaching at a maximum security prison 30 years ago. People loved (and still do!) to hear about working with prisoners. On the other hand, when I tell people I teach history in a high school nowadays, people at parties tend to flee….OR tell me either about a great history teacher they had in school or how much they hate history. I sympathize with my dentist.

    I was referred to your writing by someone who I was talking to on Diane Ravitch’s great education blog. Just poking around, googling your name now..found this site. https://dianeravitch.net/2017/01/06/petition-to-mark-zuckerberg-about-hiring-campbell-brown/ See smaller columns further down that page

    I was very interested in the history of science and technology when I was in school -many years ago. I did my senior project on 1960s radicals who targeted computers…..including the Sterling Hall bombing at U WIs Madison. Still very interesting to me.

    Your book sounds good. Best of luck!

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